Upcoming Trainings

Training Examples

Active Learning/Participatory Training Programs for educators, clinicians and other professionals supporting young adults with autism, ADHD and other Learning Differences. Based on the recently released Autism and Learning Differences: An Active Learning Teaching Toolkit.

Full-Day Training

The content is presented via materials, handouts, small group activities, discussion, and multimedia. Training is participatory, active, and geared to making learning motivated and inspiring.

  • Participants can acquire the strategies that specifically address difficulties with social skills, Executive Function, cognitive rigidity, stress and anxiety, self-acceptance, and self-esteem issues.
  • The training can also focus on chapters from the book that deal with: wellness and nutrition, character building, values and ethics, peer mentoring, inclusion, safety, community service learning, and volunteerism.
  • Participants can obtain the ability to impart skills for life, school, work, and independent living so that the young men and women they work with can finish high school/college and begin to lead productive, active, and independent lives in a realistic, meaningful, and appropriate way.
Custom Workshops

Participants can develop an understanding of how active/participatory (student centered and led) learning is the best way to impart skills for life, school, work, and independent living to those with as ASD or LD diagnosis.

  • Linking the diagnostic criteria and impact of an ASD or LD diagnosis to the perspective of the teacher, parent, and student.
  • Instructional strategies and intervention programs/models of instruction.
  • Strategies for emotional and social well-being, inclusion, health, diet, wellness, safety, disclosure, and stress management.
  • Adult issues regarding living independently: managing finances and budgeting, relationships, and activities for daily living (ADL).
  • Person-centered non-judgmental assessments for improvement and goal setting.